The harmful content of lipstick is not limited to thumb sucking

One of the cosmetics that can not be separated from most women is lipstick. In fact, this lip enhancing tool is suspected to often contain harmful ingredients. The harmful ingredients in lipstick are thought to cause serious health problems. Lipsticks that are sold freely in the market are often rumored to contain dangerous metals that can have negative effects on health. In fact, some of the dangerous metals are detected at an alarming rate. Dangerous Ingredients in Lipstick Below are some of the harmful ingredients in lipstick that can be harmful to your health. Heavy metal One of the heavy metals that might be found in lipstick is lead. Lead is a heavy metal that harms the nervous system and organs of the human body including the kidneys and bones. This heavy metal can also play a role in triggering cancer. In addition to lead, there are several heavy metals commonly found in lipstick, including aluminum, cadmium, mercury, chromium, arsenic, and manganese. In addition
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